and look TOTALLY freakin' AWESOME doing it.


The 2015 Fire & Ice Pluge Video

A little taste of us doing what we do best!

Feeding Families One Jump at a Time

The Fire & Ice Plunge is an annual fundraising event to support SACA, a non-profit food shelf, in their mission to
provide assistance to the less fortunate in Columbia Heights, Fridley, Spring Lake Park and Hilltop, Minnesota.
All donations are collected directly by SACA, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Dive In

No chickens allowed!  
Whether you jump alone or with a group of your craziest friends, this is your chance to strut your stuff and make a splash!

Step up your game!  
The word is out: this year, you can expect more jumpers, crazier costumes, bigger prizes and the stiffest competition on the ice yet!  

Are you up to the challenge?
Sign up now and start planning your strategy to take home the $1000 scholarship, $500 in cash prizes, or one of our other fabulous prizes!

Do Good

Every jump counts. 
Simply by participating, you're helping people in your neighborhood through SACA, Southern Anoka County Assistance.

Not ready to jump?
Make your splash with a donation, volunteer on plunge day, and most importantly - show up and have a blast!

Learn more.
We're proud to support SACA.  Each $40 jump donation raises enough money to buy over 300 pounds of food. Learn more about what just a $10 donation can do for your neighbors here

Have Fun

The 2016 Plunge promises to be even bigger and better!  This year, you can expect all the fun of last year, plus:

We've got even more to tell you about!  Check out the event page for all of the awesome details!  We can't wait to show you a great time on the ice!

The Event

The Location

Get ready for the biggest, baddest jumpers these parts have to offer.  You'll have a crazy good time with our lineup of attractions to break the ice off your boots and relieve that cabin fever.  We're upping our game for 2016 to include:

  • A $1000 scholarship awarded to the school with the most jumpers.  The winning school will award the prize to the student of their choice.  Will you lead your school to victory in 2016?
  • $500 in cash prizes awarded Best Costume ($250) and Most Creative Jump ($250). Each prize is awarded per group of 1-4 people.  Coordinate a show stopper with your friends, or fly solo and take all the glory!
  • Even more prizes that you can discover at the event!
  • A heated VIP area area with enclosed views of the jumpers, special seating, and servers for your food and drinks.
  • A heated beer tent featuring selections from Fair State Brewing and Sociable Cider Werks.  We hear word there may even be something special in the works that can only be found at the Plunge!
  • Food trucks that you can discover at the event!
  • Bonfires, music, DJ, games and activities for all ages.

And just for the jumpers, we've added:

  • A runway for you to show off your best moves before your jump (this is where the prize money is won!)
  • Heated changing rooms with dividers and direct access to the jump runway.


January 30th, 2016

11 AM - 4 PM

Silver Lake Beach Park
4305 Stinson Boulevard NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421


Make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to catch all of the updates.  We're going to knock your socks off.

I'm ready to jump!

Congratulations!  You're already more awesome!

What to expect:

Jumpin' is a crazy thing, man. We've seen pigs and chickens holding hands. Superheroes and fairies floating around together like it's no big deal. We've even seen a caveman or two. What we haven't seen is WHAT YOU SHOW US in 2016. You'll just need to be aware of a couple of things and you'll be ready to start gunnin' for those bragging rights - and of course, that sweet, sweet grand prize money!

  • Your jump is as much your own personal talent show as it is your own personal ice bath. Make it big, make it bright, and make a splash!
  • The runway is yours to own. Show the world what you've got.  We've heard that costumes, crazy cool style, and complete and total originality go over well with the judge types.
  • All jump groups have a chance to compete equally for the grand prize, regardless of size (up to 4 jumpers per group). Will you win as the lone wolf or the conquering army?
  • You will get wet. And everything you're wearing will too.  Make sure to take your phone out of your pocket.  Pros will bring a plastic bag for their wet stuff, towels and a hair dryer.
  • Heated changing rooms are available before and after your jump. Bring a warm change of clothes and a towel for maximum plunge enjoyment.
  • The Columbia Heights Fire Department will be in the water with you to make sure that you're safe every step of the way.  Make sure to thank them at the event. 

Get set in three easy steps:

1:  Make a donation of at least $40 per jumper, or have a sponsor do it on your behalf.

2.  Complete and sign the waiver and agree to the jump rules. We take this part seriously.

3.  Get ready to be totally freakin' awesome. We take this part seriously too.


Volunteer Opportunities

Special thanks to the Columbia Heights Fire Department for burnin' down the house at our 2015 plunge!  We love you guys!

Special thanks to the Columbia Heights Fire Department for burnin' down the house at our 2015 plunge!  We love you guys!

How can I volunteer?

Charity starts at home.

The Columbia Heights Fire & Ice Plunge is a 100% volunteer organization comprised of people from all walks of life. Our common thread is a strong desire to create real action in our community to help those in need who are closest to us - our neighbors. Through our fundraising efforts that provide direct donations to SACA, we ensure that our efforts utilize a proven and effective system for delivering assistance to our immediate neighborhood without any unnecessary or duplicated overhead and cost. If you're looking for a way to improve the community you live in, you've found it. We've listed some volunteer opportunities below, and we can't wait to hear new ways you can help.


  • Fundraising:  You're crouched at the ready to help us raise money for SACA. Do your thing, chicken wing.
  • Street Team:  You're there to spread the plunge word loud and proud! Posters? Got it. Parades? Easy stuff. Convincing everyone you meet to come to the event? That's a given.
  • Summer Parade:  You know that we don't just float in a frozen lake, we float in parades too! You're ready to help in any way you can.
  • Setup and Teardown:  You know the drill. That's why you're joining the setup army.
  • Concessions:  Your smile and red-hot serving skills might just melt the ice.
  • Media Team:  Your photos and videos will capture every smile, splash and scream at the event!

Volunteer Sign-Up Form

Name *
Parental permission is required for all volunteers under 18 years old.

How can I sponsor?


Sponsorship opportunities are available to businesses that service the Columbia Heights, Fridley, St. Anthony and Hilltop communities.  For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please view our sponsorship flyer and contact us to donate today:

Name *

2016 Platinum Sponsor

2016 Gold Sponsors

Be the first!

2016 Silver Sponsors

Fair State Brewing Co-Op
Sociable Cider Werks

2016 Bronze Sponsors

Kim Nybo State Farm Insurance
Asia Chow Mein
McAlpin Insurance Agency
Stanley's On Wheels Food Truck

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